After years and years of experimenting with about a hundred different beauty products – give or take a few – I’ve come to realize that the results have less to do with how many products you apply or what they claim to do, and have more to do with the ingredients that the products contain. As a matter of fact, many women don’t realize that their skin is not just a barrier or a layer that they must maintain, but it’s more like a sponge – absorbing and soaking up whatever you lather on it.

This is just one of the many reasons why I stress so much on using as many natural products as possible for your face or body. These certain products not only give your skin the nourishment that it needs but also gives enough space to the skin to breathe amply. However, there are too many products in the market and not enough time to test out each product, so I’ve put together a list of 13 best natural products for you.

1.    Tata Harper – Purifying Cleanser


This amazing cleanser is a must-have in my skincare routine. It is gentle on my skin, without overdrying it,  but effective when it comes to cleaning out the most stubborn pores! Tata Harper’s Purifying Cleanser does a wonderful job in cleansing away any impurities that accumulate on the skin during the day. It hydrates your skin effectively, leaving your face feeling fresher than ever and with a beautiful glow. It makes for the perfect daily face wash – ideal for all skin types – even acne prone ones!


2.    Odacité Bl+C Pimples Serum Concentrate (Black Cumin + Cajeput)


Most products introduced by Odacité are cult for sure due to the carefully thought out formulas that they contain. Bl+C Pimples Serum Concentrate comprises of the most wonderful list of ingredients. This pimple serum concentrate contains pure plant seeds extracts and essential oils like Black cumin and Cajeput. They target blemishes, dullness and hyperpigmentation. Black cumin helps to eliminate the impurities and the Cajeput oil prevents spot developing. Believe me, when I say – they all work to give you the skin you’ve been dreaming of. Just apply this mixture of black cumin and Cajeput onto your skin, sit back and watch the magic happen.It helped my skin to become smoother, purified and luminous.



3.    Odacité – Synergie [4] Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque

Odacité is one of the best companies in the market for the purpose of acquiring a better skin, almost overnight it seems. Synergie [4] is certainly your go-to masque if you want perfect skin under half an hour.This miracle mask is formulated with cofactor ingredients that work coactive with one another.

4 Synergies to :

  1. Detox: mix the powder with apple cider vinegar to boost detoxification. It refines your pores and leaves your skin free of blemishes.
  2. Peel: mix the powder with lemon juice to eliminate dead skin cells and to obtain a new luminous skin and a  healthy glow.
  3. Brighten & Even out skin tone: mix the powder with organic fresh milk to eliminates hyperpigmentation and brown spots. Used regularly it leaves you with an even skin tone.
  4. Firm: mix the powder with organic yoghurt to boost the collagen. It leaves the skin plump and youthful. Definitively a must in your kit that I highly recommend.  My face feels so clean, refreshed and awake.

4.    S.W. Basics Toner with Raw Apple Cider


Many women seem to be under the impression that a toner is just a choice, but S.W. certainly proved many women wrong with their Basics Toner which contains raw apple cider. Apple cider itself is one of the most important ingredients for healthy skin. I suffer from an acne prone skin so this toner is my must product during my evening skincare routine. It helps even skin tone and neutralizes pH and leaves the skin oil free in the morning.



5.    S.W. Basics Cleanser with Organic Rose Water & Tree Tea Oil



The Basics Cleanser by S.W. is not your average cleanser that consists of harsh chemicals and requires you to scrub your face – it’s a gentle recipe which leaves your skin feeling beautiful inside and out. Oh, did I mention it contains organic rose water and tree tea oil? Tree tea oil is an active ingredient the fights against bacteria and prevents spot developing.


6.    100% Pure – Coconut Body Scrub

This amazing body scrub is greatly recommended if you want skin that is soft, deeply nourished and feels like silk to the touch. Not only does this do a great job to bring a youthful glow, it is also a great anti-ageing formula and is 100% pure!



7.    Balance Me – Super Moisturizing Hand Cream


If you have an active life and use your hands often, such as for typing, it’s not very likely that you get enough time to go for routinely manicures or manage to take enough care of them. However, this Super Moisturizing Hand Cream by Balance Me is all you need to have hands that are gorgeously hydrated, thanks to the natural formula used by the company. It’s free from parabens, mineral oils, sulphates or artificial colours or fragrances. It absorbs quickly too. Perfect during the cold winter.



8.    Herbivore – Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask


This is hands-down one of the best clay exfoliating masks out there. Not only will it help efficiently draw out impurities, it’ll also leave your skin feeling unnaturally smooth and soft. All you have to do is mix a few drops of water, make a paste and apply!




9.    Espa – Optimal Skin Proserum


Serums have taken over by storm, and I absolutely love that this has happened. The Optimal Skin Proserum by Espa is certainly the best one out there – not only does it smell amazing; it also works wonders for all skin types.It’s an intensely nourishing serum that helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and prevent the first signs of ageing. It contains essential oils like White Lupin to smooth and firm or Echium oil to give elasticity to the skin. Turmeric is another ingredient that helps to brighten the skin and make it radiant. I simply adore this product.


10. Espa – Deeply Nourishing Body Cream


Body creams are necessary. Even though we love spending more time on our faces and visible parts, it is also crucial that we take the same amount of time out for our bodies. Espa has done a great job with this body cream and as the name suggests, it does deeply nourish your body. Due to the essential oils, it leaves the skin soft and hydrated throughout the day. Ylang Ylang and Jasmine soothe and condition, Yam, Olive and Avocado Butters deeply nourish. Its one of my favourite products for my body and I’ve been using it for years. I highly recommend it.



11. Espa – Soothing Body Oil

Rose Geranium, Frankincense and Sandalwood are three of the main ingredients present in Espa’s Soothing Body Oil. It also contains Myrrh and sweet almond oil. All of these ingredients combine to give you a unique blend that soothes your mind, body and makes you smell amazing all day!


12. May Lindstrom – The Problem Solver



This beauty is certainly one of the best things I’ve come across. Despite the heavy price tag, it’s certainly worth the purchase due to the amazing results it has. It works wonders for anyone who wants perfect skin, both in texture and in appearance. The name ‘The Problem Solver’ didn’t just come out of nowhere.




13. Odacité – Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème


Odacité certainly did a great job with this amazing serum that consists of aloe vera, and many other natural antioxidants. The high performing formula gives you the ease of having hydrated and exceptionally gorgeous skin by the end of the day even with the most hectic schedules. The serum also does a sweet job in plumping up timelines and reducing wrinkles significantly. A good buy indeed!

All of the abovementioned products consist of natural ingredients and the results of all of these products are undeniably amazing and quick.



Did I leave anything out? Did you try out any of the methods I mentioned? If so, please tell me about your experience in the comments section below! 



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