These days, I have been thinking about the changes I can make in my life to live healthier and be happier. Because, what else does anyone want from their life, right?

Apart from finding true love, a successful career, a luxury car and a house by the beach….

But for now, I’m sticking to the basics. Coming back to what I was initially going to talk to you about, the rules of living a healthy life. Although I don’t believe in living a life with rules and direction, if making some things a part of my routine is going to help me live better, then it is definitely worth a shot.

Here is a list I made of the things that most people recommend to help lead a healthy life:

1.    Eat Well

As a food lover, I can totally do this. All you have to do is avoiding eating processed food and carbonated drinks and eat home-cooked meals instead (or anything else that has real ingredients). Pack your lunch for work! It saves you money and preserves a healthy lifestyle. You should also avoid too much carbohydrate or fat. Oh, and drink lots of water – it’s good for your body AND your skin.

2.    Get Lots of Exercise

Sitting on your old couch watching TV will not just make you a couch potato, but it is also likely to make you upset if something goes wrong. Exercising makes your body release hormones that make you happy and it helps you stay fit. Exercise releases sweat, which flushes out dangerous toxins from your body, giving you a healthy body that looks great.

Try to exercise at least 2 times per week. If you don’t have the time, try to go for a long walk. It also helps and clears your mind and body.

3.    Get Your Beauty Sleep

I read a book that was saying that successful people sleep in average 8,5 hours per night. Lack of sleep doesn’t make us more productive. Sleep is important for your health, as it relaxes both the mind and the body. A good night’s sleep will refresh you so you can work properly the following day. I need to stop blogging late night; I’ve just found out that sleep deprivation may cause several diseases, including heart diseases. I don’t want any of that in my life, and so I for one, am going to start sleeping earlier.

4.    Pray or Meditate

Scientists say if you want to stay healthy, you need to eliminate stress and negativity from your life. And this is what prayers and meditation do. You feel free from stress and feel more prepared to face whatever life may bring after a good prayer. I’ve tried it, and it works!

5.    Love Yourself

This is simple. To be both healthy and happy, you need to believe you deserve to live that way. Don’t be too hard on yourself and try to change things beyond your control.Self-pity can be destructive. Accept yourself the way you are. Know that you are worth more than how you look or what people think of you. Kick negative people out of your lives (or ignore them). And believe…with all your heart that no one can ever replace the importance that you give yourself in your lives.

With the right attitude, you’ll see that your life is rigged in your favour and both health and happiness come your way.

You only live once, and you might as well be happy and healthy while you’re living and I hope that you find this post helpful. Take care, and stay healthy and happy… Until next time!



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