I remember studying about minerals in science, and I also understand what makeup is. But when a sales girl told me to buy a new range of foundation (from a brand I don’t usually opt for), saying that using mineral makeup can be good for my skin, I didn’t know what to say except – What’s mineral makeup?

Since I usually don’t experiment with new makeup products, I decided to read a couple of things about mineral makeup to find out if I should go back to the store and get that foundation (And also to tell you guys all about it). Here is what I found out:

What is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup is just like regular makeup except that it contains ground-up natural minerals as its ingredients (as suggested by their name).You can achieve a sheer and natural colour, and they are available in a large variety of shades.  Its a return to the technologies that have been used since ancient times. Are Cleopatra’s kohl-rimmed eyes familiar to you?

Minerals such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, talc and iron oxides, are micronized, or ground and milled, into tiny particles to create makeup.For light to medium coverage, minerals are micronised up to six times to produce larger particles. For full coverage, minerals are micronised up to twelve times.

What Makes Mineral Makeup so Special?

The distinguishing factor between mineral makeup and regular (or traditional) makeup is that mineral makeup contains less chemical ingredients like waxes, fragrances, emollient oils and preservative ingredients found in conventional formulations. This way are avoided formulations that could cause allergies or reactions to people who have sensitive skin. And this is why it is the most recommended type of cosmetic range prescribed to people with skin problems.

Does it work as well as Traditional Makeup?

Allow me to break it to you: Nothing (except perhaps naturally good skin) works better than traditional makeup. However, since it first came into the market around four decades ago, mineral make up now offers better coverage. There is also an increase in the variety of mineral makeup – we now have mineral eyeshadows, bronzers and foundations.

These days, some brands are putting in the ingredients of traditional makeup in products that they sell as ‘mineral makeup’ including perfumes and other ingredients that may cause allergies. Therefore, when buying makeup (mineral or otherwise), you should first check its list of ingredients. As a general rule; avoid products that have a very long list of ingredients.

It is said that mineral makeup can clear acne. Its highly unlikely but components like zinc can help to soothe the inflammation of the skin.

It might not last on your skin as much as the traditional makeup because it doesn’t contain cosmetic ingredients such as waterproof polymers and binders.

Okay, so who needs Mineral Makeup?

If you have sensitive skin, aren’t allowed traditional makeup because of a medical condition, or are just afraid of the ingredients that regular makeup contains – then you should defiantly try it out. Oh, and if you get it at a discount because that way you would be saving cash and your skin.

Will I Go Back to the Store?

Yes, I will. But not for any mineral foundation, since mine works just fine for me… I need to check out some hot nail colours…

Have you tried mineral makeup? Are you going to try it out? Let me know in the comments!

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