There are so many people who are simply obsessed with the idea of staying fit in order to lead a healthy and fun life – and rightly so. In my honest opinion, even if you’re slim by nature, working out is crucial to a good body and life because not only does it help you stay lean and fit, it also improves your mood and your overall attitude towards life and all its complications.

In truth, the fact that our bodies change so much during our adolescent years to our adult years is enough to give you the inspiration you need to start working out. If for any reason, you happen to need more inspiration for that, just one look at your favourite celebrity or role model should suffice. For me, working out is vital to the sake of my wellbeing.

However, a lot of people come to me seeking workout routines that are easy and won’t leave you panting like a dog by the end of it – but, is that even possible? How much we sweat is also an indicator of whether the routine worked for us or not. Besides, if you’re new to working out, you’re definitely going to have muscle cramps and such for the first week at least.

Anyway, enough talk. I wanted to introduce you – if you haven’t already been – to workouts that not only help you lose weight but significantly improve your flexibility as well.

#1 Pilates

Joseph Pilates did us good by introducing this amazing workout regime, Pilates, which changed the fitness game in a highly superior manner. Pilates is one of the best workouts which cater to everyone, whether you’re a beginner or one who works out every day or every week. There are so many health benefits of Pilates that you’d be surprised at how good it is for you, especially when combined with yoga – you can bet your bottom dollar your flexibility game is going to go up by quite a margin. Another factor to consider is that with Pilates, you’re never going to be overworking your muscles to the point of exhaustion so muscle cramps are the least of your worries.

Pilates Reformer

The Pilates reformer which is designed and invented by the same guy who introduced Pilates is among the best equipment due to the fact that it was specially designed for Pilates. The instrument is a frame shaped like that of a bed with a level platform on it called a carriage. A spring set holds the reformer and the carriage together – the springs give you the flexibility to choose your level of resistance. The basic benefits that you attain from a Pilates reformer are coordination, balance, flexibility and overall strength.

The Pilates reformer offers exceptional versatility giving you the freedom to choose whether you want to exercise standing, lying down, sitting, upside down, etc. You can choose whichever variation you’re comfortable with. Anything you choose to do with the reformer will train several dynamics and parts of the body without making you feel exhausted.

#2 Yoga

One of the most widely practised exercises that help you stay fit and toned is yoga. Many women and men swear by it because the benefits are endless. Fitness junkies definitely love the idea of yoga and the plethora of benefits that you can attain from it. The best part about yoga is that you get a variety of options to choose from, so you can pick whichever pose you like best or a pose according to the area of the body that you wish to tone.

Yoga is the best amalgamation of fitness and meditation combined, and as a personal yoga lover – I can tell you that you’re going to enjoy it no matter which area of the body you focus on. Many people even feel that a visible glow shows up on their face after just a week of conducting regular yoga.

#3 Cycling

This is a form of cardio that almost everyone has taken part in at some point in their life. Whether you opt to cycle on a proper bicycle on the road, or you opt to hit the gym and do some cardio there, the benefits are exceptional and your body will thank you for it. Cycling every day even for half an hour or an hour will really help you stay fit and lean as well as boost your mood significantly.

If you have a bicycle lying around, now would be the best time to get it out. Every morning, make it a routine to cycle at least 2 or 3 blocks and back. For inspiration, just cycle to your favourite coffee shop, grab your coffee and then cycle back to your place. The results will be worth it!

#4 Boxing

Boxing has a lot of benefits to it, other than training and enhancing your body and muscles. Boxing is widely known to boost self-confidence, relieve stress, burn fat promptly, and torches calories, among several other things. However, boxing is more efficient for toning, rather than building muscle. In many cases, people are more concerned with building muscle but it takes a lot of time and effort conducting vigorous training sessions for that to happen.

#5 Ballet Barre

Have you ever looked at ballerinas or dancers, and felt envious of their gorgeously toned figures? Well, you don’t have to be envious anymore because you can easily get a toned body just like ballerinas with ballet barres. Ballerina Barres is the only equipment that you need, but you can easily find them in a lot of shops, and at gyms. There are three types of ballet barres:

  • Permanent floor-mounted barres
  • Permanent wall-mounted barres
  • Portable freestanding barres
  • Permanent under window wall-mounted barres

Any of these, combined with a good workout routine is set to make you flexible and tone your body nicely. However, the workout routine is vigorous and not easy at all; it takes a lot of hard work and patience for one to really get the result they’re aiming for.

Did I leave anything out? Did you try out any of the methods I mentioned? If so, please tell me about your experience in the comments section below! 



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